Our Policies

Important to read before booking your appointment

Precautions and Before Care:

  • Consult with Doctor if you are Pregnant or Nursing
  • Consult with Doctor if you have skin diseases such as: Eczema, Psoriasis, Shingles, Rosacea, Rashes, Acne, Blisters
  • Consult with Doctor if you experience/have Seizures, Epilepsy, Diabetes, HIV, Heart Condition, Hepatitis, Diabetes, MRSA, Hepatitis B/C or Blood Disorder
  • Glaucoma, keloids, Rosacea, blood thinners or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, hemophilia
  • Allergies to makeup, lidocaine or Titanium
  • History of MRSA in the last 6 months.
  • People who are taking blood thinning medicines must discontinue 48 hours prior to the procedure
  • Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy must be 6 months prior to procedure
  • Botox/filler in the brow area must be done 6 weeks prior to procedure
  • Discontinue Retin-A, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid or any skin care products that encourage exfoliation at least 6 weeks prior and avoid on eyebrow area after procedure.
  • Discontinue Accutane during time of procedure
  • Antibiotics must not be taking 2 weeks before and after your appointment
  • Client must reschedule If they are sick with a cold or the flu
  • Avoid All Blood thinners; Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Caffeine, Smoking, Alcohol, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil and oil/Fish oil 24 hours before your procedure
  • Avoid working out or sweating 24 hours before your procedure

Microblading After-Care Instructions

*Microblading Aftercare is very important to the appearance and longevity of your new brows*

After Care:

First 1-14 days:

  • Do not touch, clean or affect the eyebrows in any way the first 24 hours
  • Always to wash your hands with disinfectant soap before touching the treated area
  • Wash face with After Care Kit/A&D products outside of the shower to avoid drenching
  • Gently blot the area with clean tissue to absorb any excess *lymph fluid* and water
  • Allow brows to air dry completely
  • Apply a thin layer of ointment with a Q-tip only
  • Do not apply ointment on damp brows
  • Do not rub the treated area as it will disturb the skin from natural healing
  • Do not use any harsh cleansers or products on the treated area
  • Do not apply makeup to the eyebrows unless necessary use clean products
  • Do not pick, peel or scratch treated area
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess as it may lead to slow healing
  • Avoid very hot water/salt water/steam and sauna
  • Avoid strenuous sweating high impact activities and sports
  • Avoid Sun, Salon and Self-tanning on eyebrows until fully healed
  • Avoid UV/UVA rays/chemicals and direct sunlight to prevent premature fading
  • Avoid any laser/chemical treatments/peels/creams containing Retin-A/glycolic acid
  • Avoid using sleeping mask or blankets while sleeping
  • Avoid sleeping on sides and stomach to avoid air restriction
  • Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated for proper blood circulation
  • Avoid driving in open-air convertibles, boats, bicycles or motorcycles
  • Avoid wearing hats, headbands or any clothing on the eyebrows
  • Allow proper time for all stages of the healing process


  • Microbladed eyebrows last for years with regular touch-ups ever few months
  • The entire healing process should be from 4-8 weeks/1-2 months
  • Clip away your bangs to avoid touching and irritating the treated area
  • Pigment will appear dark after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin and is not yet settled in completely
  • The color of the pigment will soften gradually
  • Eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle which include itching, flaking and shrinking of the brows
  • Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton swab as this is excess pigment and or lymph fluid that is naturally exiting your skin
  • Do not be alarmed if you see any redness, blueness or grayness on the skin
  • Lymph fluid is a clear like substance that may slightly build up on the brow area. You may or may not have lymph fluid during this time. If you do, remove it so it does not form into a thick dry crust. If you fail to remove the fluid when it dries or falls off may disturb that pigment effecting results
  • Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment or hair or even an infection
  • Chemicals and colorants of any kind will irritate the eyebrows and may cause an infection or interfere with the pigment
  • Note that because of natural skin regeneration after recovery period brows look uneven This is normal and the reason why most clients need a touch up after 6-8 weeks
  • Pigment Retention is determined on bodies own rate of rejuvenation and if the body accepts or rejects the microblading like a tattoo and/or piercing
  • Watch YouTube videos to get more information and testimonials on Microblading
  • Results depend on your lifestyle, skin type/age and thorough after care

Are you a proper candidate for microblading?

Please check with your doctor to determine if your medications will cause any drug interaction with any permanent makeup procedures, also keep in mind that these are a list of characteristics of improper candidates. If you have any of the following, microblading isn't for you.

  • If you're under 18 years of age
  • If you're pregnant or lactating
  • If you have glaucoma
  • If you're taking blood thinners (must stop 4 weeks prior to procedure, please advise your doctor)
  • If you have skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters
  • If you have allergies to any products we may use during our procedure
  • If you're easily triggered to post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
  • If you have HIV or Hepatitis
  • If you have active skin cancer
  • If you have hemophilia
  • If you have healing disorders
  • If you have uncontrolled blood pressure
  • If you have mitral valve disorder
  • If you are on Accutane or steroids
  • If you are anemic
  • If you are prone to keloids

Before booking

Consultations are included on the same day of your procedure, however Rejina is always willing to answer any questions you may have ahead of time, and you can always request an in-person consult ahead of time if that would make you more comfortable. Also keep in mind as we stated previously, there is always a chance that you might not be a good candidate for microblading. Rejina will decide if you are a proper candidate or not upon arrival to your appointment.


A non refundable and non-transferrable retainer fee is required for any brow procedure, which will be applied towards the total cost. Any appointments that are cancelled will not receive their deposit back.


All payments are due the day of procedure. We accept cash, major debit/credit cards, and Venmo. We do not accept checks or offer payment plans at this time.

Rescheduling | Cancellations

If you reschedule your appointment over the 7 days notice, your deposit will be credited to your new appointment. If you cancel/reschedule your appointment with less than the 48 hours notice, your deposit is non-refundable and you will be required to pay a rebooking fee of $30 for your new appointment.


Results will vary with each individual client and are extremely dependent on how one heals. Successful results are not guaranteed (especially on those with problematic skin) and additional sessions, at an additional charge, may be required to obtain desired results. Although we use premium products and provide quality service, every client heals differently and many factors can lead to varied results. All services are non-refundable. Healed results will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. We have no control over what occurs during the healing process. Absolutely NO guarantee will be made and additional sessions may be required to obtain optimal results. Additional charges will apply.


We ask to please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out paperwork. We will do our best to accommodate you if you are running late but after 20 minutes we cannot guarantee we will be able to take you. If we must cancel/reschedule your appointment due to being late, your deposit is non-refundable.

No Shows

New procedure no shows will forfeit the deposit. A new deposit has to be paid if you want to schedule another appointment. If you fail to come a second time, we reserve the right to refuse all service.

Previously Tattooed Eyebrows

If you have an existing eyebrow tattoo, you MUST talk to Rejina before setting your appointment. Sometimes we cannot cover an old tattoo and its never guarenteed that we could fix your previously tattooed eyebrows, and this is why it’s imperative that you consult with your artist beforehand so she can assess whether you are a candidate. If you show up to your appointment without disclosing your previous brow tattoo, we may not be able to perform the new treatment, in which case your deposit would not be refunded.


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